Aunt and her cougar friend find nephew, upscaled to 4K

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From Private Teacher (1983).

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3 years ago
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Both of them were so hot here. This is the first porn scene that I ever jerked off to. Ah, memories.
one of the hottest scenes of all time
I absolutely LOVED when my Aunt Julie and her sexy Cougar girlfriend, Linda, saw me taking a nap on my Aunts bed, one Friday afternoon, and walked into her bedroom, closing, locking and bolting her bedroom door behind them. I definitely LOVED being woke up by Linda, rubbing my cock, and giving me a blow job, while my Aunt Julie watched her start sucking on my cock. Once I opened my eyes, and saw Linda and my Aunt Julie both wearing sexy lace see through lingerie outfits, thigh high stockings, with 5 inch stiletto heels, looking incredibly sexy. That’s when my Aunt stood up and walked over to the other side of her bed, then proceeded to sit beside, so they could both put their tongues on my cock at the same time.
Years ago I had the best experience with my aunt and my mom that this reminds me of. They both was swinging at the time. I’d been fucking my aunt for awhile. Then the opportunity presented itself and I had both of them. When my uncle got home he join in . It was amazing,!!! Great memories!!
to swm_james : it never gets old
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