Press / xHamster Asks Viewers to Consider #Repealthe8th

Leading adult site xHamster is leading an online campaign asking viewers of adult film to consider a broader vision of sexuality while debating the movement to #Repealthe8th in Ireland.

The site is using a prominent banner on its homepage to reach to all visitors from Ireland, and connects the Repeal campaign to larger issues of social justice.

“At xHamster, we believe strongly in consent in all matters, and that includes a woman’s right to choose. That’s why this Friday, we ask our viewers to consider how #Repealthe8th relates to a wider discussion of adult sexuality.

If you enjoy the videos on our site, you’re enjoying the freedom of women to make informed, adult choices about their bodies, and the freedom to enjoy sexuality. Is it possible to enjoy these videos, and then elsewhere limit the rights of the women, or is it incompatible? For many of us, increased access to contraception, increased sexual health education and legalised abortion rights are central tenants for any progressive vision of women’s sexuality.”

The site goes on to stress statistics showing that increased access to adult material helps reduce unintended pregnancies, and thus less than the need for abortion in the first place.

xHamster receives over 1.48 million visits in Ireland each month, meaning as much as 31% of the population visit the site. The sites demographics in the country are 72% male, and 28% female. The most common search in the country is “Irish.”

“We believe that as one of the Top 100 most visited sites in the entire world, that we have a unique opportunity to educate visitors about matters regarding sexuality,” said Alex Hawkins, Vice President of xHamster. “Beyond our reach we believe that adult content is a force for good in the world, helping billions of people better understand issues like sexuality, pleasure, consent, and choice.”


Alex Hawkins

Vice President, xHamster

[email protected]

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