Press / Beta Version to Become Official In Near Future

Last year, we introduced the new, beta version of xHamster, and based on the response from our users, the results have been an astounding success!

Fewer than 1% of xHamster users are still using the old version, and that number has been falling consistently. Throughout the beta testing, we’ve been checking feedback and have kept improving the new version.

While we’re currently running two versions simultaneously, we’ll soon going to migrate all users to the new platform. We’re really excited, and we think that those who haven’t yet tried it will be too.

We plan on updating the interface for everyone this month. For those of you who are still using the old platform, however, we want to hear from you about any concerns you have before we do.

The new xHamster has all the features of the old one, as well as fresh look and a ton of additional functionality. For example:

Night Mode

Watching, uploading or chatting — we value your privacy and discretion! We know most of our users visit the site late at night, and we believe that if you’re watching a cuckold stepmom gangbang at 2AM, it’s nobody’s business but your own!

Beta Version to Become Official In Near Future

HTML5 player

The new player is extremely fast and responsive, it can adjust the video quality per your specific need, followed by the autoplay and large-mode feature. Watching our videos has never been easier or more fun!

Beta Version to Become Official In Near Future 2

Enhanced profile interface

Since we introduced the new xHamster design, we’ve read every email, comment, complaint and ticket you sent. Based on your response, we rearranged it to make it better work for you.

Favorite video collections

You can now add your favorite videos to a collection, where you can sort them into an order or arrangement that works for you!Beta Version to Become Official In Near Future 3

New PMs including update on mobile

We’ve totally revolutionized our Messages interface with contact names to the left, so that you could have more space for chat. You can now more easily see a list of your most recent chats, as well as your current chat — and easily switch between both. You can also now “Search By Messages” using usernames!

Beta Version to Become Official In Near Future 4

Search improvements

User search's been one of your most frequently requested and longest-awaited features. You can now search for videos, photos, stories and other users in the related search field, as well as in the Dating section.

Your favorite categories are just one click away from the homepage now! We improved search suggestions as well – a new formula to help you find the most relevant searches in categories, channels and a pornstars section.

Beta Version to Become Official In Near Future 5


We introduced “Subscriptions” to split your newsfeed. The “My News” section has now been moved to “Subscriptions” in order to help you share most intimate moments with friends, while moving producers’ content to a separate feed.

Choose among 5000+ channels, subscribe to them and get updates from the channels you like!

Beta Version to Become Official In Near Future 6

Watch History

We created an “xHamster Watch History” section to help you easily find the videos you've recently watched, even without registration.

Beta Version to Become Official In Near Future 7

AI recognition & content

xHamster was the first to implement fully functional AI video face recognition, using facial and hair color recognition technology to better recommend videos featuring your favorite stars. This means you get the most relevant content, tagged with the real pornstars in the right category with the related videos. Now AI is also focusing on the antispam tools to help our moderators clean xHamster from the irrelevant spammers and bots. More to come!

Beta Version to Become Official In Near Future 8

We think the new version is far-and-away a better user experience for our fans. But there’s still time! If you’re using the old version — or still have improvements we can make on the new — please let us know so that we can include it. And remember - we will never stop improving based on your feedback!

To test it out, or switch over early, click in Menu on New xHamster red label!

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